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Water Jug Stand

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The basic advantage of the Jug Holder is, it saves the pure drinking water to be plunk to ground or In drainage and it, also maintain the cleanness at camper’s place.

We can say it also that as it looks very eye-catching so it looks ornamental piece to keep in offices, shops, workshops and many more places with an enormous function.

Moreover, another benefit is tiny but very essential that one can place the glass of water in the balcony below the water faucet, and then open that faucet to tip the water in the water glass.

So, one can be take the water from the camper jug by using only one hand.

It will become very helpful after taking a meal with hands as every Indian does and their hands make the faucets grubby.



In a Gujarat only there are approx 6(six) million camper jug users who use camper jugs daily.

As general calculation, if they waste average 1 liter of water daily because of no suitable dispenser available in the market for same

Therefore, In Gujarat only approx 6(six) million liters (1585000 gallons) pure drinking water is absolutely wasting per day.

And further 180 (hundred and eighty) million liters pure drinking water is absolutely wasting per month.

And further 2160(two one six zero) million liters pure drinking water is absolutely wasting per annum.

As all the calculation mentioned, we are wasting very big quantity of pure drinking water from very less available freshwater resource in Gujarat.

Continuing with Pan India The total population of India in year 2016 (current year) is 1,341,844,921 (one hundred thirty-four crore eighteen lack forty four thousand nine hundred twenty-one).

If we bear in mind total 1 hundred million camper jug users are there across India as general

surveys, and if they are wasting average 1 liter of water daily because of no suitable dispenser available in the market for same.

So, Total 1 hundred million pure drinking water is absolutely wasting per day in pan India.

further calculating 30 hundred million pure drinking water is enormously wasting per month in pan India.

and to the next 360 hundred million unpolluted drinking water is completely wasting per year in pan India.

If they use the proper dispensing product that is our product Jug Holder is, They can Save this extremely big quantity of pure Drinking water which we are wasting on the ground or plunk to drainage.

360 hundred million liters, This quantity that we are wasting annually in India by the Camper Jugs only can be saved by our product Jug Holder.

On an average, a healthy person uses to drink 3 liters of water per day.

So, this amount that we are wasting annually in India can be used to drink more than six months in Gujarat as it’s population add up and the water is only pure drinking water.

And we also found that This quantity can be used to drink for a whole world for a day.

On an average, healthy Tame animals are used to drink something like 20 liters of water per day.

So, Our further calculation will map us that.

The wasting of pure drinking water annually in India i.e. 360 hundred million liters can be used to satisfy the thirst of more than 49 lacks tame animals for a year.

In a roundabout way, if they utilize our product Jug Holder they are gifting very precious thing to our next generations without any colossal effort.






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