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Meld Alkali & Hydrogen Water - Stick (boost Your Immunity)

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Stressed? Low Energy Levels? Digestion Worries? Feeling bloated? Trying hard to lose weight? Aching joints? Too Acidic?

  • Supports immune system exhibits anti-ageing & anti-oxidant properties.
  • Regulates body's pH levels. Hydrates skin & improves skin.
  • Has good detoxifying properties. Aids in weight loss.
  • Improves metabolism.
  • Our product reduces the free radicals of oxygen in your body and hence aids healthy, better living.
  • Meld Alkali and Hydrogen Water is portable water stick with natural calcium, magnesium, tourmaline balls and other minerals.
  • Provides pH Balance which helps reduce acidic levels in the system.
  • Makes Anti-oxidant water with ORP of -150 - 300
  • Provides complete natural minerals, magnesium, calcium, tourmaline etc.
  • Has Maifan stone and de-chlorinated ceramics.
  • All the natural components in this water stick are found in the deep sea in Hokkaido in Japan.
  • Its 100% Natural and Imported from Japan.
  • Improves the taste of Water

What does Alkali and Hydrogen Water Do?

Free Radicals and Alkaline Water

Several Internal and External Factors Cause Free Radicals in our system. These Free Radicals further cause damage and give rise to life threatening diseases, Neuro degenerative disease, Ageing, Auto immune disease, and Cardiovascular disease. Meld Alkaline Water with anti oxidant capacity removes the unnecessary active oxygen and eliminate toxic substances from bloodstream.

Benefits of Alkaline and Hydrogen Water

ALKALIZING Restores pH balance in the body

ANTIOXIDANT Helps to neutralize free radicals

MINERALS Contains higher concentrations of alkaline minerals

DETOXIFYING eliminates mucus build up on colon walls, thus improving the body’s ability to absorb important nutrients

CLEANSING contributes to flushing out acidic waste and toxins that have accumulated in the body over time

ENERGIZING negatively charged hydroxyl ions contribute to increased energy, mental clarity, and overall alertness

WEIGHT CONTROL reduces the body’s need for fatty tissues which protect vital organs from acidity by storing acidic waste in less critical parts of the body

Contents of Alkaline Hydrogen Water

Natural Tourmaline Balls transform even acidic water into alkaline water of PH 7.6 - 9.0.

Contains 1.04 pm Hydrogen

You need all these essential minerals because your RO water removes all the minerals and salts under the context of reducing TDS for consumption.

How to use the Alkaline and Hydrogen Water stick?

1) Put the stick into a CLEAN bottle and fill the bottle half with water. Shake the bottle vertically for about 20 times and DISCARD the water. Refill the bottle with 1 liter of water.

2) Leave the bottle for about 4-5 hours approximately. Your water is now ready to drink. You may keep refilling the bottle as you drink continuously. You do not need to wait for 4 hours every time.

3) Replace in about 6 months from first use.


All our products are 100% NATURAL, PATENTED and CLINICAL PROVEN.


Magnesium Pellets (magnesium content 99.99%), Water-sosluble Calcium Carbonate (calcium content 95.75%), Super Tourmaline Ceramic, Maifan Stone, Fossil Seashell, Chlorine-remover Ceramic

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