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123 Learning Numbers Colorful Wooden Letter Blocks Toy With Wooden Tray For Kids

By : Digvijay

Product Code : ELALAP41153



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Emob 123 Learning Numerical Colorful Wooden Letter with wooden Tray Set For Kids. The item is a set of 20 pcs colorful and cartoon 1-20 Numbers letters, which are mainly made of durable hard wood material, With those cartoon Numbers letters You can easily teach your child number & maths. Fancy Letters attract kids also as much as adults. Hence these could be used to teach numbers to your kids. These wooden letters make the perfect and affordable special personalized gift for both girls and boys. Children will be able to retain information for a long time, thus giving them an added advantage when they start school. sensory way for kids to learn the shapes of all the given letters and Numbers with their hands. Smooth wooden letters painted with bright colors and bold patterns. Develops fine motor skills, shape orientation, and letter recognition Designed entirely from high-quality wood, this picture tray is non-toxic and safe to use.

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